Annual Training Conference

The Mississippi Association of Drug Court Professionals

The Mississippi Association of Drug Court Professionals (MADCP) was established in 2003 during the national drug court conference in Reno, Nevada. The organization is dedicated to Drug Court professionals working together as a team to provide the most comprehensive and effective control of the drug-using offenders' criminality and drug usage. The primary goals of MADCP are to:

  • Promote Expansion of Drug Court Programs Throughout Mississippi
  • Provide Educational Opportunities to Drug Court Practitioners
  • Create Valuable Partnerships and Networking Opportunities throughout both the state of Mississippi and the United States

Today drug courts have evolved in such a manner that drug court professionals extend well beyond court staff and include treatment professionals, law enforcement officials, and both prosecuting and defense attorneys.

The growth of drug court programs is no longer just a trend but a way to effectively deal with non-violent offenders whose crimes are rooted in their drug and alcohol addiction. In 2003, Mississippi had only 5 operational drug court programs working with less than 300 participants. Today in contrast, Mississippi has 19 operational drug court programs and will soon have 11 more jurisdictions enrolled. These courts are now currently working with more than 1,250 participants throughout the state.

Mississippi's drug court programs have been extremely successful. Since January 2005, 314 participants have successfully graduated from statewide drug court programs, 57 drug free babies have been born to these participants, and more than $1.3 million dollars in fines and fees have been paid.

The Mississippi Association of Drug Court Professionals will continue its quest to ensure that Mississippi drug court programs and those professionals working with them are among the very best in the country.

"SAVE THE DATE" Announcement:
This year's conference will be held August 19-21, 2015 at the IP Casino in Biloxi, MS.

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